Behavioral Interviewing for HR Professionals and Hiring Managers

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Program Overview

Hiring the right person is essential for an organization to thrive in a competitive and complex business environment. Your business is only as good as your employees. Every employee represents a facet of your organization to clients and the business community, from the front line to operations and the executive offices. Hence, hiring the wrong person can cost you more than just money.

But the quest for the best talent has always been challenging for most organizations. You do not just fill job vacancies; you must obtain the finest ones that fit the organization. The business reality is that managing and engaging people in your company take time. But dealing with the poor performance of a wrong hire can take up to 70 percent more time than a good hire among your workforce.

When you hire the right people, you can focus on running your business rather than worrying about whether employees are getting the job done right the first time. A wrong hire can also have a lasting impact on profitability, productivity, and organizational morale. Aside from compensation and benefit costs and training hours invested, it can also affect other factors such as team engagement, organization
culture, and work disruption.

This program will develop the skills of hiring managers and recruiters to become better interviewers through a structured and systematic interview process. They will learn to develop a clear selection criterion, conduct a standard system focusing on the individual’s competencies, and have an assessment based on proven behavioral science studies. Learning how to ask the right interview questions and evaluating the applicant’s skills through specific key behavior indicators eliminates bias and helps maximize the chances of getting the right talent selection. This proven behavioral interviewing method shall impact overall recruitment cost and talent efficiency and improve the culture in the organization.

Program Objectives

This course provides HR recruiters and hiring managers with the skills and tools:
1. Address the common mistakes most hiring managers commit, such as conducting an unstructured interview or the contrast error pitfall.
2. Build well-trained interviewers who know how to build rapport and create a comfortable atmosphere.
3. Define behavioral competencies that drive performance and use questions about core, leadership, functional and technical competencies.
4. Conduct behavioral interviews during the staffing process and use them in other activities that require an accurate assessment of how people perform in actual situations and circumstances.

What You Will Learn

• The Cost and Impact of Wrong Hire
• Common Mistakes in Interviewing
• Behavioral Interview Concepts
• Nature of Competency- Framework
• Designing a Job Applicant Profile
• Preparation for Behavioral Interview
• Interview Process
• Skill Practice Interviews
• Evaluation and Decision of interviews
• Reducing the Unconscious bias

Key Benefits

1. Improve hiring accuracy by training managers to recognize bias during the interview process
2. Lower the rate of attrition of wrong hires through a consistent framework and process
3. Implement standard interview practices among HR professionals and hiring managers in the organization
4. Deliver a positive interviewee experience to foster good employer branding
5. Emphasis on competencies and past behaviors by asking structured behavioral interview questions

Who Should Attend
  • Hiring Managers who want to be more effective in their interviewing skills
  • HR Professionals who want to build their skills and capabilities in the interview process