Business Model Innovation for Corporate Managers

Program Days:

To be announced


Delivered online via live virtual interactive sessions in Zoom


PHP 60,990.00 or USD 1,220.00*

*The prevailing exchange rate at the date of payment may apply.

Let us know if you are interested to avail of early bird/group discount or discuss payment terms.


Program Overview

Are you aspiring to lead and develop strategies that will drive new ways of doing things and new business outcomes in your team and organization? The Business Model Innovation for Corporate Managers will equip you with the tools and startup thinking
necessary to accelerate your innovative strategic journey.

This holistic and human-centered program will enable active knowledge transfer and creativity among innovation-driven individuals through mentorship, collaboration, and innovation to help them grow their organization. This will provide the building blocks
that will help participants reimagine business challenges and strategies through customer understanding, product-market fit definition, business planning, financial planning and analysis, pitching to top management, and more.

For sustainable learning and transfer of knowledge, as well as maximum impact, at least two (2) representatives per organization are recommended to join the program.

Program Objectives

• Enable corporate managers and leaders to strengthen their understanding of their customers, their business model, and their corporate strategy
• Help and guide them envision and design their reimagined strategic long term goals as well as map their growth strategy
• Prepare the managers and leaders for their next strategic project and initiative by providing them with a holistic tool to manage and grow their stakeholders top management, corporate peers, related departments, and customers.

What You Will Learn

•Driving Self Awareness: What is your Purpose?
• Establishing Desirablitiy and Product Market Fit: Product VS Solution
• Customer Journey and Development
• Agile Project Management
• Lean Startup Methodology
• Value Proposition Canvas and Business Model Canvas Integration
• Financial Management
• Business Forecasting
• Project Finance
• Storytelling to Your Stakeholders

Key Benefits

•Learners will be able to deepen their value proposition understanding and
enhance their business model strategy
• Learners will be able to strongly align their brand and business strategy with
their financial strategy
• Learners will be able to map business milestones that will drive project
success to its desired level
• Learners will understand the building blocks of leading, managing and
growing a human-centric organization

Who Should Attend

The program is a must for corporate leaders, managers, aspiring innovators, and startup leaders building companies from various industries. The program is recommended for those want to push customer driven projects and initiative, those
who want to integrate new way of approaching challenges and strategy, and for individuals who want to make a difference. Individuals who are working on new projects are recommended to join the program.