Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for First Line Leaders Online Program

Program Days:

January 26, 28, February 2, 4, 9, 2021

1:30 PM to 5:00 PM (GMT+08) on all dates

Program Overview

The most capable leaders can scan and assess the environment, analyze problems, design solutions, and implement with excellence to win in a competitive market. With the challenges that many organizations are facing in the new normal, companies have identified Critical Thinking and Problem Solving as crucial skills integral to their long-term success.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving are essential skills required for today’s professionals and first line leaders to add value and contribute to the company’s success. Individual contributors, supervisors, managers, and entrepreneurs alike need to understand how to evaluate and solve day-to-day business problems systematically and methodically. As a critical learning outcome of the program, participants will be able to immediately apply the conceptual framework on real-life challenges they face at work, and learn the step-by-step approach for exploring solutions, successfully solving problems, making good decisions, and identifying risks and opportunities in their respective organizations.

Program Objectives
  • Enhance and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills of participants
  • Learn proven methodology in assessing and solving day-to-day business problems
  • Apply learning in real-life business issues and challenges
What You Will Learn
  • Fundamentals of Critical Thinking
  • Personal thinking styles and approaches
  • Problem solving conceptual framework and methodology
  • Brainstorming processes and techniques
  • Communication necessary for collaborative critical thinking initiatives
  • Application to day-to-day problems and issues
Key Benefits
  • It reinforces critical thinking and problem-solving abilities of key people in the organization
  • It enhances the creativity and innovation efforts of companies to remain competitive and relevant in the market
  • Provides a framework to address key pain points of customers
  • It encourages and promotes curiosity to explore various options to solve day-to-day business issues and challenges
  • Strengthens decision-making skills in the organization
Who Should Attend

This program is designed for executives, managers, supervisors, and individual contributors who are tasked with making decisions and solving day-to-day problems of the company.