Cross-Functional Training for Managers and Supervisors

Program Days:

Live Online

  • May 14, 16, 21, 24, 28, 30, 2024
  • June 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 2024
  • 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Face to Face On-campus 

  • June 20, 2024
  • 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

(GMT+08) on all dates


PHP 65,990.00 or USD 1,200.00*
*The prevailing exchange rate at the date of payment may apply.

Let us know if you are interested to avail of early bird/group discount or discuss payment terms.

Program Overview

Companies today operate in highly complex, competitive, and volatile industries and require multi-functional collaboration between key teams like Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and Operations. In contrast to a traditional team management setting with a silo working culture, a cross-functional team is where groups with different functional expertise collaboratively work together toward a common goal.

Cross-functional teams require well-organized, collaborative, and agile leadership. The key to driving business growth, retaining high-potential employees, and honing a competitive advantage for the company is to develop the cross-functional knowledge, skills, and competencies of functional leaders, supervisors, and managers.

By joining the program, leaders will expand their capabilities and develop a wide array of knowledge of their organization’s business model and functional linkages. They will make strategic actions and operational decisions equipped with a holistic perspective, linking operations plans to customer experience, financial results, and human capital management.

With effective cross-functional leaders, the company will reach new heights, achieve breakthrough business strategies and growth, and address an array of organizational challenges in a collaborative manner with a team-winning spirit.

Program Objectives

This interactive online program aims to expand the business perspective of cross-functional leaders, managers, and supervisors. It will teach the principles and framework of key functional areas like Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations to develop their cross-functional skills, knowledge, decision-making, and collaboration capabilities.

By joining the program, participants will develop their understanding of cross-functional linkages in their organization and the different processes and tools for planning and executing cross-functional efforts. The program will enable them to explore innovative approaches to tasks and responsibilities and drive business growth with a cross-functional mindset.

What You Will Learn

MODULE A: The Agile and Cross-Functional Leader

MODULE B: Fundamentals of Finance and Business Management

MODULE C: Foundations of Marketing and Digital Marketing

MODULE D: Operations Customer Service and Quality Management

MODULE E: Principles of People and Human Capital Management

MODULE F: The communication framework necessary for collaborative critical thinking initiatives

MODULE G: Application to day-to-day cross-functional collaboration and problem-solving

Key Benefits


Well-Structured Program and World-Class Faculty

The online program offers a venue for high-impact learning with real-time, experiential, and interactive online sessions. Participants will learn from AIM’s world-class faculty and its network of industry leaders and practitioners.

Gain a Holistic Business Perspective and Deeper Understanding of Cross-Functional Linkages

The program helps leaders, managers, supervisors, and individual contributors develop a broader business perspective and a deeper understanding of the cross-functional linkages between key teams in an organization, such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations.

Enhanced Leadership and Management Skills

The program enhances the participants’ capability to lead and manage in a cross-functional setting, improving performance, planning, collaboration, and execution of cross-functional efforts.

Who Should Attend

Managers, Supervisors, and Individual Contributors who want to gain a broader understanding of their business understand the linkages between key functional teams and improve their leadership and management skills in a cross-functional and collaborative setting.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who want to manage their business better by strengthening their understanding of the linkages between key functional areas in any organization.