Data Protection Methodologies and Techniques

Program Days:

August 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 2022
1:30 PM to 5:00 PM (GMT+08) on all dates

Delivered online via live virtual interactive sessions in Zoom

PHP 25,000.00 or USD 455.00*
*Based on USD 1 = PHP 55. The prevailing exchange rate at the date of payment may apply.

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Program Overview

Organizations today operate in highly complex, competitive, and volatile environments and must build trust among their various stakeholders from their customers, partners, alliances, and regulators. Increasing uncertainties and ambiguity presses organizations to embrace digital transformation strategies integrating Data Protection by Design in digital technologies and business processes. Organizations need to build a culture of trust, transparency, and compliance with the obscurity and intrusiveness of digital technologies in our daily lives. Respect for Data Privacy and data protection will be essential to support the development of new products, solutions, and services addressing existing market needs and reaching consumers. It is imperative to sustain trust to ensure the full participation of consumers in the online marketplace. Organizations’ capacity-building efforts must integrate transparency, compliance, and accountability in their Digital solutions innovation journey to enhance organizations’ brand and reputation and promote confidence and assurance in an inclusive digital marketplace.

The rapid adoption of digital tools in the fast-track digital transformation of business processes has brought PRIVACY RISKS, especially in protecting personal data in systems and applications. For organizations to fully optimize personal data, an understanding of the principles and requirements in the conduct of Data Protection Impact Assessment / Privacy Impact Assessment is vital to embedding Data Protection by Design in the processing of personal data.

The Program will provide an overview of how to embed Data Protection by designing personal data processing in applications and systems.

The Program is for business leaders, data protection officers, information security officers, compliance and audit practitioners, marketing professionals, and individuals in cross-functional teams who will bring their organization to the orbit of personal Data processing systems and maximizing the utility of personal data and Digital technology.

By joining the Program, leaders and teams will expand their capabilities and develop a knowledge of their organization’s information systems and functional linkages in the processing of personal data. They will be able to make strategic actions and operational decisions equipped with a holistic perspective, linking operations plans to customer experience, marketing, financial results, and business trust.

With effective cross-functional leaders, the company will reach new heights and achieve breakthrough personal data processing strategies, and address an array of personal Data processing organizational challenges in a collaborative manner with a team-winning spirit.

Program Objectives

This interactive online Program aims to expand the business perspective of cross-functional leaders, managers, and supervisors. The course provides a comprehensive framework to understand data protection by design concepts, principles and requirements in the business environment and digital landscape. It will teach the principles and framework of personal data protection within key functional areas like Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources, and Operations to develop their cross-functional skills, knowledge, decision-making, and collaboration capabilities.

By joining the Program, participants will develop their understanding of cross-functional linkages in their organization and the different personal data processes and data processing tools for planning and executing cross-functional efforts. The Program will enable them to explore innovative approaches to personal data governance to tasks and responsibilities and drive business growth with a cross-functional mindset.

What You Will Learn
  • Privacy in Applications and Systems
  • Data Protection by Design
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment / Privacy Impact Assessment
  • ISO Standards
  • Philippine Privacy Trustmark


Understanding privacy in applications and systems. Embedding Data Protection by Design.


Conduct data protection impact assessments/privacy impact assessments. Understand universal principles and ISO standards, including the Philippine Privacy Trustmark.

Key Benefits

The online program offers a venue for high-impact learning with real-time, experiential, and interactive online sessions. Participants will learn from AIM’s world-class faculty, industry leaders, and practitioners network.

Who Should Attend

Data Protection Officers, Compliance Managers, Risk Managers, Information Security Officers, and Individual Contributors who want to gain a broader understanding of privacy impact assessment, data protection impact assessment methodologies, principles, and DPA regulatory requirements in business, understand the linkages of personal data processing between key functional teams and improve their leadership and personal data governance skills in a cross-functional and collaborative setting.