Digital Transformation Fellows Executive Program

Program Days:

January 12, 2021 to April 20, 2021
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Program Overview

The effect of the digital economy in everyone’s lives is immense and it is no exception that Asia will be leading the way forward in this radical shift of technology that will disrupt existing business models, but will usher new unimaginable opportunities for those who can uncover these. A new breed of leaders is needed to navigate their teams and their organizational towards this digital shift.

In partnership with Embiggen Consulting, a pioneering international Innovation & Strategy Consulting firm, the Digital Transformation Fellows (DTF) program is a unique hyper accelerated cohort-based program that selects the most promising digital leaders that will help build Asia’s new digital economy and takes them into a 15-week journey of personal and professional transformation. The program is designed to inspire and challenge the participant’s strategic foresight, ability to leverage new technologies, understand the implications of the changing landscape and build the leadership capabilities to cope with rapid shifts. This also happens while learning from a curated community of digital leaders.

This program is the flagship foundational non-degree digital transformation program of AIM and is the prerequisite to other programs that lead towards the post-graduate diploma for Digital transformation.

Program Objectives

Through a series of master classes, academic lectures, collaborative group work and senior leadership fireside sessions from digital practitioners in both Asia and Silicon Valley, each participant will gain exposure and knowledge to be able to guide their organization towards their digital shift. The program aims to:

• Deepen the practical knowledge and understanding on best practices in the areas of digital innovation and transformation

• Create digital strategies to re-invent industries through collaborative group work

• Exposure to the digital tools and technology that affect the digital economy today such as Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Cloud Computing and the Future of Work

• Be part of a trusted and selected community of leaders in the digital space in Asia that goes beyond the program

What You Will Learn

• Building a Long-term Digital Vision

• Cultural Transformation

• Startup Mindsets

• Basics of Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship

• Digital Transformation Basics

• Customer Experience and User Experience

• Corporate Venture Capital 101

• Pitching Digital Businesses

• The Emerging Technologies that Matter Today

• Introduction to Fintech

• Growth Marketing and Product Management

• Leading in the Future of Work and Remote Working

• Building a Data-Driven Organization

• Innovation Management

Key Benefits

The Digital Transformation Fellow gains increased practical exposure in all major functional areas of digital innovation and transformation to lead their organization towards transitioning to take advantages of the shifts in the digital economy.

• Exclusive access to learn from Silicon Valley Innovation and Digital Transformation Industry Leaders through Embiggen Consulting’s Expert Network

• Be with a community of Trusted Networks of Digital Transformation Leaders

• Exposure to the Latest Knowledge and Thinking

• Leading Tools to Accelerate Digital Transformation in your Organization

• First-hand Experience in Digital Ecosystems

• Exclusive Access to Opportunities as an Alumni

Who Should Attend

The program is recommended for managers, functional leaders, specialists, entrepreneurs, and family business owners that has built or entering the digital and technology space. A typical participant has at least three to five years on leading teams or building digital products. They aspire to lead the digital teams in large organizations (such as the Chief Digital Officer, Chief Innovation officer, Chief Transformation Officer) or become a tech entrepreneur or venture capitalist in the future.