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Evidence-Based Management Online Program

Program Days:


1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (GMT+08) on all dates

Program Fee:
PHP 25,000.00 or USD 500.00*
*USD 1 = PHP 50.00

Program Overview

Managers navigate a context characterized by a heavy presence of grand challenges, which are complex, overlapping issues that require collaborative problem-solving and sustained efforts from multiple stakeholders. Grand challenges pose high societal risks, and when mismanaged or unmanaged, can result in disastrous ripple effects for the society. Examples include but are not limited to climate change, global inequality, natural resource scarcity, political and economic instability caused by civil and international conflicts, data insecurity, and poor health among populations. As a result, managers are increasingly taking a proactive role to address these complex issues through innovation, responsible investments, and improved business models.


In order to make effective and impactful decisions to address grand challenges, managers have to sift through a huge amount of information, assess its integrity and quality, and discern how they can be used to make a decision. Within this process, managers also have to build an evidence base to ensure that the decisions they are making are grounded on empirical facts, as well as work towards effectively communicating these with their respective stakeholders. Evidence-based management entails a combination of skillsets that include critical thinking, information appraisal, and translation of the evidence into actionable items.


The Evidence-Based Management Online Program will teach participants to find, appraise, use and communicate scientific research and information to undertake evidence-driven decisions in contexts characterized by high complexity and risk.

Program Objectives

This program aims to help managers make better, more impactful, and thoughtful decisions based on the best evidence available to them. In turn, managers can create a defensible position, and the likely negative effects from unfounded information, personal judgment and bias are avoided. Likewise, the program aims to transform managers into champions of evidence-based decision-making in a time when fake information is rampant.

What You Will Learn

This program is a five-day intensive module that utilizes a combination of interactive, immersive, and hands-on learning methodologies. Below are the topics that will be discussed:

  • 6-step process in evidence-based management
  • Finding and building an evidence base
  • Critical appraisal of information
  • Types of evidence, and how to leverage research, scientific facts, and related information in making decisions
  • Communicating evidence and decision impacts


A culmination activity will include a virtual tabletop exercise that will require participants to apply evidence-based management in an assigned problem set.

Key Benefits

Participants will learn practical skills related to finding, critically appraising, applying, and communicating evidence which can be beneficial for their respective organizations as they cultivate a culture of evidence-based management.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for professionals with decision-making capacities in their respective organizations, alongside professionals engaged in public relations, communication, and research in public, private, and development organizations.