Foundations of Creative Leadership Online Program

Program Days:

March 2021

5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

All schedules will follow the Philippine Standard Time (GMT+08)


Module 1: Creativity as a Source of Value



Module 2: Creativity & Innovation in a Shifting World



Module 3: Managing Creative Talent

Program Fee:
PHP 250,000.00 or USD 5,000.00*
*USD 1 = PHP 50.00

Program Overview

Organizational Creativity is a competitive edge for businesses that seek to develop new markets, disrupt existing ones, and deliver out-of-the-box solutions to persistent challenges.  Many organizations are quick to adopt tools for “managing” Innovation as a process.  Yet Innovation is incomplete without Creativity. Indeed, Innovation is the OUTPUT of Creativity. It is the visible outcome of the exceptional talent, culture and leadership of Creative Organizations.


This is why “Creativity” is now the most in-demand soft skill on LinkedIn as companies race to acquire top creative talent.  This growing demand for “Creativity Inside” yields new challenges for business leaders who must cope with the powerful yet disruptive nature of creative people.


The Foundations of Creative Leadership Program will give leaders the knowledge, skills and insights that will help them design organizations, business models and company cultures that attract, nurture and retain the very best creative talent who in turn are the lifeblood of game changing innovation.

Program Objectives

The program will be delivered in 3 core modules with the following learning objectives:

  • Creativity as a Source of Value: This is a comprehensive introduction to creativity as a source of added value and its role as a driver of business growth and growing the Creative Economy.
  • Creativity & Innovation in a Shifting World: This module examines how companies are redesigning their organizations, ways of working and business models to harness the power of Creativity and drive Innovation as the world undergoes drastic paradigm shifts in thinking, working and living.
  • Managing Your Creative Capital: This module presents an organizing framework and best practice for leading and managing creative talent and ideas. It will cover emerging trends in managing “Invisible Work”.
What You Will Learn
  • Creativity in Business and Creative Economy
  • Creative Leader vs. Leader of Creativity
  • Creative Ecologies: Contexts & Systems That Nourish Creativity
  • Creative Added Value: Howkins Four Circles Model
  • Creativity & Innovation: Synergies of Principles & Practices
  • Creative Leadership in a Shifting World
  • Creative Workflows: How to Manage Creative Work Effectively
  • Attracting, Nurturing and Managing Creative Talent
  • Intellectual Property: Creating, Managing and Monetizing Ideas
  • Contracts, Negotiation & Agency Theory
  • Building Creative Culture: Best Practice from the World’s Most Creative Companies

Creative Communities: Building Creative Neighborhoods, Communities and Cities for Sustainable Development

Key Benefits

Participants will gain increased understanding of the fundamental principles of creative leadership and practical skills that help maximize the value of Creativity in their organizations.

Who Should Attend

Participants will be leaders who value creativity and innovation; entrepreneurs who want insights into creativity as a source of business development and growth; executives at the crossroads of creativity and innovation; innovation managers who want to know more about creativity; government and public officials whose responsibilities include creative policy and business. This program is not limited to creative industries only.