Franchising Business Model Online Program

Program Days:

December 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 2021

1:30 PM to 5:00 PM (GMT+08) on all dates



Delivered online via live virtual interactive sessions in Zoom



PHP 25,000.00 or USD 500.00

*USD 1 = PHP 50.00


Let us know if you are interested to avail of early bird/group discount or discuss payment terms.

Program Overview

The business landscape continuously evolves. In today’s competitive environment, entrepreneurs seek innovative ways to generate and sustain growth. Franchising is a strategic option for a company looking to expand its presence and reach, increase market share, and create goodwill for the brand. The Franchising Business Model is a proven strategy to accelerate the acquisition and retention of new customers. It is an excellent marketing technique that efficiently makes available products and services to satisfy customers’ needs.


This interactive program will introduce participants to the abstracts and the basic tenets of franchising. It will provide fundamental operational tools and management skills for business stakeholders to create a world-class franchise concept. The course sets up business owners for success, learning synergetic strategies for franchise development. The program will benefit businesses with established products or services, startups looking to expand through franchising, and established franchises keen to improve current strategies and operations.

Program Objectives

The program aims to establish franchising as an additional revenue stream for businesses and introduce participants to the value, fundamentals, and processes involved in franchising. The program will help business owners formulate a business plan and strategy to franchise the business and identify critical operational gaps they need to address.

What You Will Learn
• Fundamentals of Franchising
• Business Review and Assessment (Is my business ready for franchising?)
– Preparing/Streamlining your Business for Franchising
– Defining your Franchise System Unique Selling Proposition
– Roadmap and Go-to-Market Strategy for your Franchise Business
• Foundational Requirements for a “Franchisable” business
– Service and Product Profile
– Customer Service
– Marketing
– Finance and Accounting Procedures
– Training and Development
– Daily Operations (Opening to Closing)
– Product/Service Quality Assurance
– Franchise Fees and Royalties
• Franchise Operations and Management
– Manual Development
– Franchise Selection Procedures
– Site Evaluation / Locator Exercises
– Financial Tools and Business Planning
– Franchise Onboarding and Training
– Local Store Marketing
– Audit and Compliance
– Policies and Dispute Handling
• Determining your Revenue Sources (In-House or Outsourced)
– Site Facility Construction and Design
– Briand Identity Guidelines
– Franchise Agreement / Sub Franchise Agreement
– New Business Processing
– Management Software
– Independent CI and BI Services
– Mystery Shopping
• Success Stories of Franchising
– Winning Concepts (Pre-pandemic)
– Recession and Pandemic “Proof’ Concepts
– Outlook of the Franchise Sector in the New Normal
Key Benefits
  • Create a strategic roadmap to franchising your business
  • Identify critical operational or competency gaps in executing a franchised business
  • Enhance business development skills and competencies
  • Discover other possible sources of revenue stream and growth
  • Learn how to attract, develop, and partner with potential franchisees
Who Should Attend

The program is recommended for business owners, business development managers, and sales and marketing professionals of businesses with an established product or service, startups looking to expand through franchising, and established franchises looking to improve current strategy and operations.