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Introduction to Systems Thinking Online Program

Program Days:

March 22, 24, and 26, 2021
8:30 AM to 12:30 PM (GMT+08)
on all dates

PHP 15,000.00 or USD 300.00
*USD 1 = PHP 50.00

Program Overview

Systems Thinking presents a different way of thinking – a shift of mind to look at familiar things from a new perspective. In the early days of modern science, the prevailing idea of reductionist approach took hold: you can understand a system by taking it apart and study each part in isolation. In contrast, the complexities in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) require us to see the whole picture rather than focusing on just its parts.


The lens of systems thinking emphasizes looking at wholes rather than parts. It explores the interconnections of the cause-and-effect relations among elements of a system. These interconnections form a feedback loop structure which causes the behavior of the system over time. This valuable insight leads to guidelines for designing systemic interventions.


This three-day introductory program will teach key concepts in Systems Thinking, such as seeing and understanding structure, casual loop diagrams from mental models, leverage points in systems, system archetypes, structural pattern templates, and their application.

Program Objectives
  • To introduce the basic principles of Systems Thinking
  • To introduce the basic characteristics of systems and the importance of systemic thinking in organizational life.
  • To develop whole brain thinking skills
  • To use systems thinking as a platform for enhancing innovation and creativity
  • To practice a “shift of mind” framework to understand complexity by viewing systems as a whole and using the view to find the effective leverage as insights for breakthrough solutions.
  • To develop the skill to create your own causal loop diagram to analyze the problematic behavior of systems
  • To help take your first step toward becoming a systems thinker
What You Will Learn
  • How to See and Understand Structure Through Systems Thinking
    • Understanding, reinforcing, and balancing loops
    • How to create causal loop diagrams from your mental models
    • How to identify potential leverage points in systems
    • Seeing the structure in everyday problems.
  • Systems Archetypes as Structural Pattern Templates
  • More System Archetypes Applications
Key Benefits
  • Understand how our brains work and why we do not take to systems thinking naturally
  • How to use system thinking skills to enhance creativity & innovation
  • Using right brain thinking skills in seeing the Big Picture
  • Moving from Linear thinking to closed-loop thinking
Who Should Attend

The program is recommended for senior executives, functional area managers, planners, and strategists who are seeking a fresh way of thinking to resolve complex business problems and to maximize benefits from business opportunities.