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Pivoting the Business Model in the New Normal Online Program

Program Days:


1:30 PM to 5:00 PM (GMT+08) on all dates

Program Overview

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis created a significant toll on many companies, SMEs or large organizations alike.  Many have been challenged to shift and pivot their business models quickly and adapt to the new normal. However, many organizations are still scrambling to rethink their new strategies to repurpose their advantages, resources, and assets to create new value, keep the customers, protect the brand, survive, and remain relevant in the market.


Doing business in this operating environment is an extraordinarily difficult time for every organization today. The current situation is chaotic, uncertain, and volatile, and many are unsure of what lies ahead.   For many organizations, this may mean that the existing business model has been disrupted, hence need a pivot point before resources or customer funnel dry up.


Management of companies must be able to scan, assess, innovate, and pivot the business to the next level to cope with the new normal.  The senior executives and functional leaders need to transform their companies radically to pivot the performance of the company back to the growth trajectory.  As a result, business leaders need to have a new comprehensive plan to put the company back on track after the business disruption.


A strategy pivot is necessary for many companies to think about or validate if there are significant elements in the old business model that are affected by a crisis incident.  The process is about scanning and sensing all possible business opportunities that the company can pivot into based on the company’s industry, customer segment, value proposition, reputation, brand image, and current capabilities.


There’s a time for staying in the course and a time to pivot and shift.  A pivot is sometimes needed to help a business recover from a tough and challenging time that makes the original business model irrelevant or unsustainable.  Futures thinking will allow senior leaders of the company to reboot the business and see the new strategic directions with more clarity and purposiveness.  Management cannot solely rely on a pivot strategy to bail the company out of difficult business challenges. Nevertheless, the clarity in thinking of viable pivot options and strategies are worth considering for the business to kickstart growth.

Program Objectives
  • Develop business acumen and leadership agility of leaders to pivot the business and create various options to expand revenue for the company.
  • Deepen participants’ capabilities, competencies, management thinking to remain relevant in challenging business situations.
  • Reinvigorate the business with futures thinking and viable pivot plans for the company to explore going forward in its business model transformation journey.
  • Create a platform to prepare the company’s business strategy plans in the new normal.
What You Will Learn

This twenty half-day program will include the following courses:

  • Scanning the new normal
  • Data science and analytics (financial and customers)
  • Strategic and future thinking
  • Pivoting the Business model innovation
  • Digital and Strategic Project management
  • Leading innovation and change
  • Performance management in the new normal
  • Organizational resilience
  • Two 1-1 Business Plan Coaching sessions
Key Benefits
  • Understand how our brains work and why we do not take to systems thinking naturally
  • How to use system thinking skills to enhance creativity & innovation
  • Using right brain thinking skills in seeing the Big Picture
  • Moving from Linear thinking to closed loop thinking
Who Should Attend

This program is designed for senior leaders, business owners, corporate planning strategists, middle to upper-level managers, and functional leaders. Managers who join the program want to develop business acumen and the ability to pivot the business to the next level and growth trajectory. They aim to establish themselves as managers who lead, inspire, an transform their businesses and companies in the new normal.