Start Your Transformational Coaching Business

Program Days:

To be announced

Graduation Requirements:

  • Attend all Learning Lab and Practical Lab classes
  • Submit a 30-min client recording for assessment
  • Submit reflection paper

Program Format:
Delivered online via live virtual interactive sessions in Zoom

Program Fee:
PHP 120,990.00 or USD 2,420.00*
*The prevailing exchange rate at the date of payment may apply.

Let us know if you are interested to avail of early bird/group discount or discuss payment terms.

Program Overview

Professional coaching has become a key component of leadership development in 21st- century business success. Our transformative core training for professional coaching equips you with the ability to facilitate a reflective learning conversation that gives business leaders, managers, and people the opportunity to examine how their actions are aligned with their thinking and intentions. Today’s challenges have never been greater for achieving results through people, and coaching will be a vital leadership
skill for the decades to come. A proven strategy for creating sustained personal and business growth, coaching enables individuals, teams, and whole organizations’ superior performance. Through the coaching process, people are empowered, gaining new and greater insights and a new vision for their personal, professional, and business lives.

In partnership with the Coach Masters Academy Philippines, the Asian Institute of Management School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning offers its first ICF Approved Online Transformative Core Coaching Training for Professional Coaches. This pioneering and best-in-class coaching program in the Philippines strongly focuses on the holistic development of coaching professionals who create deeper and lasting change for their clients. Building on the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation proprietary framework by Coach Masters Academy, this certification program will help participants enable the sustainable change that is adaptive. They will have the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to stretch beyond doing the learned techniques and science of coaching to embracing mastery coaching as an art.

Program Objectives

This program offers a progressive and scalable program to meet professional goals and enhance the development of both individuals looking to become a professional coach in executive and leadership coaching, life coaching, business coaching, and career coaching, as well as organizational leaders looking to integrate coaching competencies as part of their holistic leadership development program.

The program will also equip participants with leading-edge management principles, concepts, and frameworks that will help them determine their life and career goals, coaching business model, branding, social media marketing, and financial and operations management. It uses a reflective inquiry approach to evoke awareness, clarity, and understanding to enable deep and sustainable change. Designed for advanced development of professional and organizational coaches, this program aims to teach participants how the transformative moments unfold, and they will learn to facilitate and navigate a dynamic coaching process that invites change.

What You Will Learn


The coaching conversation is a special conversation. As the primary vehicle for the coach to deliver the coaching, it is a conversation in which the Coach is speaking and listening with a total commitment to helping a person to succeed. This is the most important module where students learn how to create a safe psychological space for their client to articulate what is not only known but what is unknown to their conscious mind, as well.

4 Fundamental Coaching Paradigms Applying Positive Psychology A Reflective Learning Conversation



A perspective transformation leading to sustainable change is the result of active and deep listening. It fuels the coach’s capacity to ask powerful questions that directs the attention to areas that have not yet been considered, enabling new understanding through thoughtful and reflective thinking. In this module, we will cover the transformative principles required to create a powerful perspective transformation.

The Power of Inquiry The Power of Observation Structural Layout of the Thought-Process 7 Elements of the Story


The ACC Conversation expands people’s capacity for awareness and enables greater clarity in understanding. The coaching process stimulates reflective thinking resulting in a powerful shift in thinking to align their greatest inspiration with action and hold them accountable to their decision. It is a deep and focused coaching conversation that shifts the attention from a situational context to personal awareness, thus uncovering how people construct their own mewling, understanding what really matters most, and then using this emerging understanding to create a clear path forward.

Awareness Conversation:

Expanding the Mind

Clarity Conversation:

Uncovering the Gap

Choice Conversation:

Designing Accountability

Key Benefits

Premium ICF Approved Online Coach Training Program

This well-structured, interactive, engaging online coach training is highly experiential with a strong focus on live coaching practice, discussion, and feedback from experienced credentialled coaches.

Well-Structured Program

The online program is designed intentionally to offer an array of online learning experiences: virtual learning, practice sessions, interactive activities, break-out room discussions and supervised coaching sessions. These all provide real-time, experiential learning experiences.

Gain Mastery and International Recognition

Transformative Core Training for Professional Coaching — Online Program is the industry gold standard for coach certification. Upon completing all the course requirements, you will earn the certification as a Certified Professional Transformational Coach under the ACSTH accredited program, which would support you in your application for your ACC Credential.

Who Should Attend
Individuals aspiring to become a professional coach who can help others to experience deep and lasting change Managers and leaders looking to expand their capacity to apply coaching skills in their work context to achieve sustainable results Anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the science of coaching to create a powerful perspective shift