Find the executive development program that’s right for you.

The School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning (SEELL) is the executive development arm of the Asian Institute of Management. It links the Institute to the working professionals by providing programs that respond to the needs of both the private and public sectors.

Our executive programs are aligned with our mission to develop professional, entrepreneurial, and socially responsible Asian business and development leaders and managers. These leading-edge, differentiated, and results-oriented courses are designed to broaden skills and competencies of leaders and managers to achieve career advancement or organizational growth.

Throughout the years, SEELL has successfully partnered with various private organizations and government institutions to fulfill their training and development needs.

SEELL programs can be delivered as open enrollment or customized, depending on the learning needs.

Open Enrollment Programs

Designed for individuals or small groups who need leadership and/or managerial skills development. These public courses are offered on a regular basis throughout the year. Professional networking, peer learning, and cultural exchange form part of the learning experience in these programs.

Participants can choose from an array of programs in diverse areas of concentration and discipline, such as Finance, Human Resource, Information Technology, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Development, Strategy, Leadership, and General Management.

All Open Enrollment Programs are available as Stackable Certificate Courses. Participants have the freedom to choose their own learning paths by selecting any programs they wish to enroll in. These stackable courses give you the freedom and flexibility to take charge of your learning path, at your own pace, and in your own time. You can select any of the Open Enrollment Programs you wish to take.

Participants who accumulate a total number of: 5 units can earn a Postgraduate Certificate in any area of concentration, or 20 units can earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Management.

Credit units earned over two (2) yearsRequired No of Credit Units
Postgraduate Certificate in Basic
Postgraduate Certificate in Development
Postgraduate Certificate in
Postgraduate Certificate in Financial
Postgraduate Certificate in Human
Resource Management
Postgraduate Certificate in Information
Technology Management
Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation and Management5
Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership and Management5
Postgraduate Certificate in Management
Postgraduate Certificate in Operations
Postgraduate Certificate in Sales and
Marketing Management
Credit units earned over three (3) years 
Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Upcoming Programs:

Custom Programs

Offered in-house to meet the special and unique training needs of a specific organization. These programs are for businesses and organizations of any size and stage. These programs are specifically tailored to an organization’s unique needs and goals for diving business growth and addressing real-life business challenges.

These Custom Programs are specifically designed to meet an organization’s specific training needs, such as accelerated business growth and expansion, succession-planning, and diversification.