Corporate Training Programs for Talent and Organization Development

Part of the services offered by the AIM School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning (SEELL) is providing in-house Corporate Training Programs for Talent and Organization Development that are leading edge, experiential, differentiated, and results-oriented. These customized programs are offered in-house and are tailor-fit to meet the needs of each organization in terms of developing their leaders’ specific skills and competencies that are critical for their organization’s business growth and success. Clients continuously partner with us for the following reasons:

  • Enhance employee and team engagement and organization performance
  • Help companies cope with organizational changes and strategic transitions needed in a volatile and highly-evolving market environment
  • Build a culture of continuous learning within an organization
  • Our practitioner-oriented and participant-centered learning methodologies and world-class standards

Recognizing that individual companies face unique challenges, the SEELL Corporate Training Programs for Talent and Organization Development Team works closely with company executives to develop customized training programs and initiatives geared towards helping them strategize their own objectives and action plans. Assessment of needs may be done through a technical needs analysis with the company’s top management, HR/ Learning and Development group, or even with the prospective program participants themselves.

The following are general types of programs and initiatives that have been delivered in-house and customized in the past:

  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Advanced Management Programs
  • Bridging Leadership Programs
  • Coaching Programs
  • Innovation Fellowship
  • Critical Thinking, Design Thinking, Systems Thinking Workshops
  • Crisis and Disaster Management Programs
  • Risk Management Programs
  • Operational Excellence and Project Management Programs
  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Business Consultancy Programs

The most significant feature of the AIM SEELL Corporate Training Programs for Talent and Organization Development is that it allows the participants to apply their classroom learning to their work through various complementary activities. The following are examples of these activities:

  • Real-Life Applications: Participants identify a real problem or opportunity in their organizations that the class can analyze as a management case. This process includes listing the new ideas they have learned in the class discussion, how these ideas can be applied in their present job, and help formulate plans of action with target completion dates. Real-Life Applications are usually conducted at the end of each module and may be presented and discussed further with the participant’s superior in between the program modules.
  • Action Learning Projects: Participants conceptualize a project, either individually or by group, to ensure that the learning in the classroom is applied to the workplace. These projects need to address high-priority business concerns of their organizations and have a significant impact at the end. In the process, the participant’s company shepherds and mentors the participants, while AIM faculty coaches the participants on their projects. The participants are usually required to present their respective projects to their Management Committee and to the AIM Faculty as part of the culminating activity of the program, to demonstrate learning and participants’ ability to apply these learning.

AIM SEELL Corporate Training Programs for Talent and Organization Development put optimum importance to your needs as an organization. Armed with the Institute’s academic expertise, its network of global partners, and your organizations’ specific field of knowledge, we can work together in preparing another cadre of leaders in your organization and the society.

Leaders in Innovation Fellowship Program

The Leaders in Innovation Fellowships (LIF) programme works with engineers, academics and researchers in emerging economies across 16 countries whose innovation could have a positive social or economic impact in their own countries or other developing nations. Filipino researchers who qualify for the LIF program will spend a focused period of training and coaching in the United Kingdom. They will attend master classes given by Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering and enjoy opportunities for international networking.

Leaders in Innovation Fellowship is part of the Newton Agham Programme, a collaboration between the UK and Philippine governments to bolster science, research, and innovation. The LIF program is delivered by the Royal Academy of Engineering in partnership with the Philippine Department of Science and Technology and the Asian Institute of Management.