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In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced world, lifelong learning is a must to maintain a competitive advantage. As best-practices and norms continually evolve due to innovations across industries, including government, development organizations, non-profits, and the military, executive education and lifelong learning programs exist to re-equip executives, entrepreneurs, officers, and development professionals with new managerial and leadership skills to thrive in today’s highly competitive and volatile world.

Living up to its mission of developing Asian leaders and its tradition as the leading Asian center for excellent executive education and lifelong learning, the School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning (SEELL) of the Asian Institute of Management continues to widen its reach within the region through its various world-class programs and keen sensitivity to the needs of companies and organizations from both public and private sectors.

SEELL offers Open Enrollment Programs, Development Executive Programs, and Custom Programs, where participants learn from AIM professors, along with a network of industry leaders and practitioners.


Open Enrollment Programs are designed for both individuals and members of management teams and cater to the needs of a diverse audience. These short courses are offered on a regular basis and provide a venue for high-impact learning, with concentrations in business and development.


Development Executive Programs focus on relevant topics dedicated to the highly specialized needs of development professionals, NGOs, and the military. These programs are designed to allow the immediate implementation of learnings to address real-life critical challenges confronting the participants and their organizations.


SEELL’s in-house Custom Programs are tailor-fit to meet the needs of each organization in terms of developing their leaders’ specific skills and competencies that are critical for their organization’s business growth and success.




SEELL constantly develops innovations in education that aid individuals and organizations to survive and thrive even amidst uncertain and challenging times.

To nurture resilient leaders and managers, SEELL offers the Postgraduate Stackable Certificate Courses program that paves the way for professionals to achieve their goals and attain desired life career outcomes.

The SEELL Postgraduate Stackable Certificate Courses program utilizes the latest academic innovations to enable professionals to develop their proficiency in diverse areas of concentration in a personalized, faster, and more manageable manner. It utilizes the design thinking methodology that postulates solution-based approaches to resolving difficulties of people around postgraduate executive development and life-long learning.

SEELL offers these certificate courses in various areas of concentration and discipline: Marketing, Finance, Human Capital, Leadership, Operations, Strategy, Social Development, Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Data Science and Information Technology.

From these courses, credentials can be earned over time, stacked in a process towards earning a postgraduate diploma in Management, thus building an individual’s qualifications that lead to more career opportunities, advancement, and potentially high-paying jobs.

Successful participants get to earn badges that certify their acquired skills and accomplishments through the program. These badges can be exhibited as well as verified.

SEELL also offers a tiered Loyalty Program that provides special packages for enrollees and partner organizations that engage the school for capability building and development.

To meet the demands of the changing landscape, this stackable type of postgraduate education facilitates deep learning and delivers relevant in-demand skills to the workplace. The credit-back nature of AIM’s School of Executive Education and Life Learning is the new, innovative way that provides an especially formulated pathway towards acquiring a postgraduate diploma. The program changes how learning is expended and delivered.


The Asian Institute of Management’s School of Executive Education and Life-long Learning is unparalleled in the country due to its desire to lead, inspire, and transform its participants for the growth of Asian businesses and societies.


As primary learning partners of choice, we lead in non-degree continuing education and executive development.


We cater to a wide range of learners and inspire them through the Institute’s knowledge-driven culture and world-class faculty.


With our ever-evolving customized programs, we transform people to thrive in today’s volatile and complex working environment.