In this Program Overview, Mr. Francisco Castillo PhD shares how With the rising use of Bitcoin, blockchain technologies have been thrown to the limelight.

It is a technology that is already here and will affect our day-to-day activities, from obtaining land titles, securing contracts, payments, supply chains, quality control, health, food industry and finance, among others.

You might ask:
• What is blockchain, and how do these technologies work?
• Why is Bitcoin catching on?
• How can I leverage on the benefits of blockchain to help my business?

This program aims to answer these questions and more. By joining the program, you will understand the underlying technology, the different types of blockchain including and beyond Bitcoin, and its diverse and growing number of applications. You will build your own blockchain use case, starting from the basics, building it up step-by-step into a working prototype.

You will also have an opportunity to learn from the blockchain journey of world-renowned speakers who are practitioners using blockchain in their own fields.

An overview of the upcoming program starting on 12 January 2022 will also be discussed.