In this program overview, Prof Matthew Escobido shares how The Business Analytics Program equips you with practical quantitative tools to transform data into insights to make better business decisions. Instead of focusing on technologies, it highlights the analytical methods and techniques to make sense of common business questions and challenges — from knowing what happened with the business (Descriptive Analytics), what could happen (Predictive Analytics), and what one should do (Prescriptive Analytics). Participants will go through a process that will reframe their business concerns as a data question, apply analytical tools and communicate the insights for management decision making.

The program hones their understanding of key analytics concepts by using real business cases and applying it to their own context. With case discussions, simulation games and team report, the class works together to build a data driven managerial culture that can create competitive advantages from business analytics.

An overview of the upcoming program starting on 15 June 2022 will also be discussed.