In this Program Overview, Prof Alberto G. Mateo Jr. shares how In this period of economic uncertainties, every downturn is daunting. Financial rigor and strategic acumen are invaluable assets that will help new and seasoned CFOs navigate through
the turbulent times. CFOs must position themselves as sound business partners to the CEO and the rest of the management team in shaping the company’s long-term strategy to achieve profitable growth.

The CFO Strategic Leadership Development Program will provide enhanced tools, techniques, and resources that complement traditional levers in financial leadership.
Participants will gain a deeper understanding of valuable corporate approaches to develop strategic thinking, flawlessly execute plans, and manage change with breakthrough solutions.

The program will help CFOs see their role from a different perspective, turning themselves into transformative and innovative leaders of organizations.

An overview of the upcoming program starting on 05 April 2022 will also be discussed.