In this program overview, Prof. Alberto G. Mateo Jr. shares how companies today operate in highly complex, competitive, and volatile industries and require multi-functional collaboration between key teams like Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and Operations. In contrast to a traditional team management setting with a silo working culture, a cross-functional team is where groups with different functional expertise collaboratively work together toward a common goal.

Cross-functional teams require well-organized, collaborative, and agile leadership. The key to driving business growth, retaining high-potential employees, and honing a competitive advantage for the company is to develop the cross-functional knowledge, skills, and competencies of functional leaders, supervisors, and managers.

By joining the program, leaders will expand their capabilities and develop a wide array of knowledge of their organization’s business model and functional linkages. They will make strategic actions and operational decisions equipped with a holistic perspective, linking operations plans to customer experience, financial results, and human capital management.

An overview of the upcoming program starting on 13 JUNE 2022 will also be discussed.