In this program overview, Prof. Rafael L. Camus shares how Design thinking is a proven and repeatable human-centered approach to new product design and development. It is considered an essential skill needed by professionals involved in product marketing and business development in the 21st century. This level of clarity in thinking is critical since new products’ failure rate has been claimed to range from 40% to 80%. This current reality means that customers do not want close to half of the new product launches.

The Upcoming course will guide you through the three phases of Design Thinking: Inspire, Ideate, and Implement with theory and practical exercises. Participants will learn how to implement Design Thinking in developing new products or services to solve customer problems and build something someone wants. They will learn how to apply design thinking in the product-market fit phase in the company’s new product development processes, including customer needs analysis, quick market research, and rapid prototyping. This will then be followed by organizing insights using the business model canvas.

An overview of the upcoming program starting on 23 June 2022 will also be discussed.