In this program overview, Prof Stephanie shares how a lot of businesses already have presence online through their websites and social media; however, not all of them make the most out of their digital marketing channels.

Are their websites optimized for search engines and user experience? Are they on the right social media platforms? Are they managing their online reputation correctly? Are they able to establish credibility in their industry through their digital marketing strategy?

In the Upcoming Course, you will be able to answer those questions for your business and more. You will learn how to make better use of your current digital channels and understand the analytics behind them. You will understand what makes a great Facebook ad and how to effectively use LinkedIn for B2B marketing. You will learn how best to communicate with your target audience as they go through their customer journeys using your business as your case study so you can easily apply what you’ve learned after the course.

An overview of the upcoming program starting on 13 June 2022 will also be discussed.