In this program overview, Mr. Marju P. Geslani shares how Product management is a process that focuses on bringing a new product to the market successfully or maximizing the branding advantage for an existing one. It starts with an idea of a product that a customer will interact with and evaluates how the product fits their unmet needs and pain points. Product management unites business, R&D, marketing, finance, and sales management to drive business growth and competitiveness. Studies show that effective product management can significantly increase the profit of an organization.

In this pandemic situation and intense business competition, companies must rethink their product management model and growth strategies. This program aims to guide participants through the various stages of product management – introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.

The program will help deep dive to understand product management and product strategy, develop and launch new products, develop and grow brands, define the right brand image and elements, and develop brand strategies. The program will guide you in making strategic choices and developing a clear and focused brand strategy that can serve as a source of market differentiation and competitiveness.

An overview of the upcoming program starting on 19 July 2022 will also be discussed.