Data Science for Executives

Program Days:
  • May 21 and 23, 2024
  • 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

(GMT+08) on all dates


PHP 95,990.00 or USD 1,745.00*

*The prevailing exchange rate at the date of payment may apply.

Program Overview

In today’s data-driven environment, organizations rely on business intelligence systems and trustworthy data sources to drive strategic planning and decision-making processes to quickly respond to market opportunities. The vast amount of data generated daily compels companies to keep pace in an increasingly complicated world. Being up to speed on data science to better understand market shifts, competently manage risks, and improve the company’s profitability is a must.

This intensive program will introduce the fundamentals of data science and the latest trends in the field, including artificial intelligence. The sessions will explore a variety of data-driven approaches, frameworks, and business models that serve to guide the optimization of processes and creation of innovative products. Participants will also be exposed to the challenges many industries face in their data science journey. Finally, learn how you can implement data-driven approaches that will accelerate your business growth and power your business decisions with data science.

Program Objectives

Participants are expected to learn by doing. They will describe, analyze, and interpret data and models with simulations, MS Excel, and/or Tableau. One important lesson of this course is understanding the basic techniques in data science and knowing when to use them. More importantly, participants will gain a data-driven mindset as a result of the substantial, hands-on sessions.

What You Will Learn
  • Broaden your knowledge in analytics and gain a high-level understanding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, including Data Strategy and Data Governance;
  • Ask the right analytics questions anchored in maximizing the ROI from DSAI;
  • How to transform your organization into a data-driven enterprise that fully appreciates the economics of DSAI; and
  • Recognize the opportunities and anticipate problems when investing in DSAI and taking on digital transformation journey.
Key Benefits

At the end of the course, participants will have learned the foundations and trends of data science, sharpened their skills for mining available data, and established a data-driven approach for making sound business decisions within their organizations.

Who Should Attend

This program is highly recommended for Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, and Information Technology Specialists who have the responsibility of collecting and mining business, financial, and customer information, and translating these into business insights for sound decision-making. The program is designed as a beginner to intermediate course on Data Science and the lessons are relevant across all industries.