Executive Assistant Development Program

Program Days:

10 half days

Live Online

  • April 2, 3, 4, 8,10, 15,16, 17,19
  • 8:30 AM to 12:00 NN

Face to Face On-campus

  • April 23, 2023
  • 8:30 AM to 12:00 NN
    GMT+08 on all dates

PHP 45,990.00 or USD 836.00*

*The prevailing exchange rate at the date of payment may apply.
Let us know if you are interested to avail of early bird/group discount or discuss payment terms.

Program Overview

High-performing executives in the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous environment recognize the reality that a critical component to the success of any company is anchored on management’s ability to get more done in the day-to-day operations and strategy implementation. Administrative nightmares are some of the things that keep many executives awake at night. These issues include not having a strong business process flow that can be communicated and aligned across the company and having a workforce that is disconnected from the company due to that lack of alignment, making them indifferent about the company’s priorities or, worse, highly demotivated.

With the increasing demands of day-to-day involvement, the engagement of the executives with the rest of the team is crucial to producing the expected business outcome for the organization. Hence, their productivity and effectiveness are
hinged highly on how their work meetings, strategic priorities, and functional
deliverables are structured efficiently.

This organizational challenge is where the Executive Assistant (EA) or Department Secretary can add value to the Executives they are supporting. The role involves performing not only primary office duties such as managing schedules and calendars, coordinating travel plans and itineraries, and attending meetings and taking minutes, but also project management of critical priorities for the
executives, excellence in execution, overseeing the office or department budgets, managing correspondences and writing reports, and developing programs to improve the productivity of the office and interactions between departments and demonstrating leadership in areas where they can add value to the company.

A topnotch EA works with the organization’s leaders to proactively look for ways to improve the organization’s processes, systems, procedures, and colleague interactions. This is because they see the day-to-day details and complexities of the organizational priorities, which makes them uniquely equipped to know where the pain points are and, more importantly where there are opportunities for improvement. These topnotch EAs add value by freeing up large blocks of unproductive time for the team they are supporting. They can traffic work across the office and different departments to eliminate most of the immediate distractions that pull the executives away from more strategic work.

Experienced EAs may even have the opportunity to be the source of institutional memory about stakeholders, business partners, and organization challenges that will be helpful for new leaders to step into their roles. Not only do these management practices and best practices save vast amounts of time, but they also inherently make the life of busy executives easy and productive.

Program Objectives

At the end of the Program, participants will
• Establish appreciation of a topnotch Executive assistant’s different roles in process improvement, team communication
and engagement, project management, and customer service.
• Gain knowledge and understanding of various concepts and frameworks necessary to think critically, communicate
effectively and manage work priorities efficiently.
• Learn best practices in addressing everyday challenges and hurdles from co-participants in the same role.

What You Will Learn

Stages of Contribution and The Role and Qualities of a Topnotch Executive Assistant
• Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills
• Effective Communication and Presentation
• Planning, Work Organization, and Time Management
• Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
• Continuous Process Improvement
• Introduction to Project Management
• Excellent Customer Orientation
• Leadership Development Training and Workshop

The program will be capped by program graduation, oath-taking as AIM alumni, and Secretary’s Week Celebration.

Key Benefits

Well-Structured Program and World-Class Faculty
The online program offers a venue for high-impact learning with real-time, experiential, and interactive online sessions.
The participants will learn from AIM’s world-class faculty, industry leaders, and practitioners network.

Enhanced Management Skills and Leadership Capabilities
The program develops topnotch Administrative Professionals with enhanced leadership capabilities, critical thinking, process
improvement, stakeholder management, communication, knowledge of key people and management systems, and critical skills for transforming organizations and leading a diverse and multi-generational team.

Who Should Attend

The Program is recommended for executive assistants, administrative assistants, department secretaries, and those who would like to pursue professional administrative assistant roles in the future. The program will benefit those who want to be more effective in their critical thinking, communication, work organization, project management, networking, and stakeholder management and develop leadership skills for future growth in the organization.