Persuasive and Strategic Communications for Business Leaders

Program Days:

January 22, 24, 26, 29, 31, 2024
8:30 AM to 12:00 PM (GMT+08) on all dates

Delivered online via live virtual interactive sessions in Zoom

PHP 25,990.00 or USD 473.00*
*The prevailing exchange rate at the date of payment may apply.

Let us know if you are interested to avail of early bird/group discount or discuss payment terms.

Program Overview

Great communicators are not born, they are made. Training, practice, and preparation are what make great communicators compelling. In this program, participating leaders will learn essential tips and techniques, as well as receive practical guidance, as they make their business and personal communications clear, direct, and intentional. They will take charge of their individual key differentiators and apply them across various communication touchpoints, such as writing, speaking, and presenting.

Program Objectives
  • Develop the participants’ self-awareness and learn how to communicate the same through a ‘Personal Brand Statement’
  • Develop a broad toolkit of communications techniques
  • Understand the application of specific methods and leverage the same
  • Learn the subtle principles of ‘listening’ and ‘non-verbal communications’
  • Gain confidence in speaking, presenting, and pitching
What You Will Learn

Day 1: Knowing Your Personal Brand

Communicating your key differentiators and brand story is the foundation to a solid career. People first invest in YOU before they buy into your communication touchpoints. Understanding the 3-step process that helps connect the dots between your values and passions and then be authentically seen, heard, and sought at work and beyond.


Day 2: Effective Writing

Techniques and tips to write in ways that drive change. Hands-on exercises that kickstart the writing process in combination with persuasive techniques, principles and appeals that are both attention grabbing and action-oriented. Proven methods from business consulting that ensure clarity in content.


Day 3: Active Listening and Non- Verbal Communications

A deeper look at this much discounted communications aspect which is the foundation to all business success. Deconstructing the listening process and learning new ways to listen more intently and provide non-evaluative feedback that is less intrusive and more productive. Leveraging non-verbal techniques for rapport and connect with clients and peers.


Days 4 & 5: Speaking + Presenting + Pitching

Speaking and Pitching are learned skills and these 2 sessions will focus on applicable and tested techniques that will help structure and deliver a memorable speech. Storytelling with data and visuals combined with message mapping techniques and pitching ideas will be analyzed. Participants will push themselves out of their comfort zones as they put to practice these techniques.

Key Benefits

At the end of the course, participants will know:

  • How to be remembered
  • How to effectively persuade through speech and the written word
  • How to leverage body language and harness’ presence’
  • How to present and pitch ideas through compelling stories
  • How your personal brand works in tandem with your communications that could result in a unique overall business experience
Who Should Attend

This program is designed and curated for advancing professionals across industries who seek to hone their business presentation, writing, speaking, listening skills.

Along with offering a keen understanding of their Personal Brand, this course is a must for all types of business leaders in any organization who wish to be seen, heard and sought across all platforms.