How It Works

The Innovation Challenge Program opens the opportunities to Filipino innovators in agriculture and aquaculture sector. The competition is open to all startups with agri-aqua technologies in early-stage prototypes, minimum viable product, up to product to market stage.

The program is divided into two categories: 

Startup Category

Student Category
This includes zero to five (0-5) year old startups established by Filipino citizens. Under meritorious cases, a start-up that does not satisfy the requirement may still qualify upon the reconsideration of the DOST EXECOM. Maximum of three (3) members with a designated team leader. Applicants must either have intellectual property or technology-based startup.

Team of Filipino college and graduate students with agri-aqua technologies in early-stage prototypes. Maximum of three (3) students and one (1) mentor coming from the same university.

Note: Once applicants are accepted into the program, applicants will be required to present a clearance document from their respective school officials to substantiate that they are allowed to compete and represent their school.

  • Market relevance
    • Importance of the problem
    • Market size and value
    • Access to the market
  • Product creativity
    • Intellectual property and creativity
    • Cost and quality
    • User experience
  • Business viability
    • Business model
    • Team and organization
    • Business traction

Applicants are required to register through the competition portal and fill-up details on:

Note: Before you proceed with application, you will be required to create a YouNoodle account.

  • The market they are addressing the problem of;
  • The product (goods or services) that will solve the problem;
  • The business that will sustain the solution
  • And what they are going to use the prize for.
  • They need to upload a 3-min. video on their market, product and business.

A total of twenty (20) applicants per category shall initially qualify to join this program: 20 Startups + 20 Students. They will be participants to undergo the screening process through rigorous training and mentoring.

The Demo Day is the culminating activity of the Innovation Challenge Program where only ten (10) remaining participants for each category can showcase product to potential investors, partners, or customers through a pitching event.

Winners of the Demo Day shall receive the funds to further support the development and growth of their startups.